Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Elmira College Cheerleading

Elmira College Cheerleading consists of two teams; varsity game team and varsity competition team. EC competition team has been competing in the all-level NCA (National Cheerleading Association) College Nationals since 1999, and each year they are given a partial paid bid to attend. In 2000, the Soaring Eagle cheerleaders won the NCA All-Women Division II category and each year since, have placed in the top ten. In 2007 the Soaring Eagles brought home their second All-Women Division II National Championship. The girls continue bringing home victory and placing first in there regional competition that took place in Albany. This year the girls delivered a great routine in hopes of another National Championship. After a hard two days of competing Elmira College was robbed of there place they deserved and ended up in sixth. In order to achieve such great goals a team needs to be willing to dedicate a good chunk of there time to practicing and competing. This team starts practicing in the summer by attending NCA College Cheerleading Camp and starts right back up once school starts, and then there season ends after Nationals which is in April, out of all the Soaring Eagles Athletics Teams this team has the longest season. In order to stay in shape this team gets 2 weeks off after nationals and then they start a third term work out and a once a week practice which last 2 and half hours. This year competition team consists of 23 girls and the team will remain the same minus the 5 seniors graduating and the incoming recruits coming in during the fall of 2010. Elmira College Cheer is already working hard during this time in hopes by the summer when they attend College Camp in Boston they will receive a full paid bid to 2011 College Nationals. This team is nothing but heart and has a very dedicated head coach, Amber Myers- Fleming who used to cheer for Slippery Rock All-Girl. Having a coach like her theirs enough room for fun but she knows when it's time to work. She is a determined, dedicated coach and the right person for the job. This year she made the focus of the team revolve around trust, confidence, and family or as the team said "Ohana." They focused on the saying "It's a forever kind of thing," meaning no matter what everyone sticks together and no body gets left behind. This team is one of the most dedicated teams out there and that's why they are as great as they are. With a team of standing tucks, 4 full’s, 5 heel stretch double downs, 13 layouts, and numerous other skills they learn how to put it together as one and become the best of the best. Elmira College is a division III college, but the head coach takes the time to recruit the best cheerleaders for this team in order to ensure success. Next year the team is looking at gaining 10 new members for the 2010-2011 competition season and high hopes that it will only better the quad.

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